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Friday, 10 February 2012

**Angelwing** Ladybird Gown (normal and Petite)

**Angelwing** Ladybird Gowns

Hi everyone:) This Valentine's day will be the first one I've ever spent in SL with no partner in that lil' box, no worries, no being stood up, and no-one around to tie me down, lol.
To celebrate this, I made a dress (yes, it's made up of bits and pieces of previous releases) that I am giving away for FREE!
The dress comes with wings and features deep red roses and black ribbon... I think the best feature of this dress is how it moves when dancing; so get on out there with or without wings this Valentine's Day, and have some fun.
Who knows.. if you get the Petite version, you just might be lucky enough to get a normal sized man to emote stroking you with his thumb like I did last week, lol.
Both versions of this dress are FREE, however they will be at different locations.

Normal sized Ladybird Gown at Angelwing Mainstore SLurl;

Petite Ladybird Gown at Yabusaka Petite Kingdom SLurl;

Petite Ladybird Gown at Fallen Gods SLurl;

I am off to make more stuff, happy Valentine's everyone:)

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