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Thursday, 19 January 2012

**Angelwing** Precious Silks


Hi everyone:) I would like to introduce you to Precious, a brand new set of silks I have made..they are pink and soft, yet stand out in their own way. They feature a sculpt top and soft, sheer shorter skirt, are strippable and also come with anklet bells.
**Angelwing** is taking part in the Where Is The Concert Hunt, for SL live artist's Mankind Tracer and the band The Follow, running from 20th January until 3rd Februaury in SL. There are some very popular stores involved in the hunt including Gizza, Leezu, Purple Moon and lots of others! Please read here for more information;
This brand new release set of silks are FREE as a prize in the Where Is The Concert Hunt, and are NOT currently on sale in SL. I may make more colours later..but for now they stand alone:) They are hidden somewhere at my store.. I promise it's not too hard to find them, lol. Here is a hunt hint...--A Winged Green Angel stands facing north-west.--
Come by today and grab you FREE set of brand new release silks, and join in the hunt for many, many other quality free items plus your only way to get an exclusive ticket to the Mankind Tracer/The Follow concert on February 4th in SL!
Enjoy and have fun on the hunt everyone!!

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